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Supporting First Responders' Well-being

Mind the Frontline, a non-profit committed to boosting the mental health of first responders, is bringing our members our all-new Mind Shield peer support service. 

Access our 24/7 Mindshield First Responder Debrief Hotline at 866-MIND247 (866-646-3247) via phone or TEXT.

Our mission is to offer a secure and confidential space for first responders to debrief and process challenging experiences.

Why Mind Shield?

  • 24/7 Debrief Hotline: Our hotline is available round the clock, offering immediate support for first responders seeking to share and process their experiences with someone who understands via phone or TEXT.

  • Reducing PTSS Instances: Studies have demonstrated that debriefing and processing tough calls can significantly reduce the likelihood of post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) evolving into more severe conditions like PTSD/PTSI.

  • Trained Fellow First Responders: Our Community Team comprises trained fellow first responders who have firsthand experience with the challenges of the profession. They are ready to provide empathetic support whenever it is needed.

Important Note

The Mind Shield Debrief Hotline is NOT a crisis hotline.

It is designed specifically for first responders looking to debrief and process their experiences.

For those in crisis or experiencing thoughts of self-harm, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 988.


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About MTFLs 247 Peer Support (EMSNursing)

Mind the Frontline stands by YOU.


Mind Shield empowers first responders to proactively nurture their mental well-being, preventing its accumulation!


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