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Mind the Frontline's P2P Virtual Support Sessions

Welcome to Mind the Frontline's exclusive P2P Virtual Support Sessions, a special benefit for Mind Shield members. Our commitment is to provide a secure and confidential space for first responders to debrief and process challenging experiences.

Membership Benefits:

Mind Shield members enjoy the privilege of accessing 12 Virtual Sessions per year at no additional cost. As part of Mind the Frontline's commitment to supporting our heroes, this exclusive benefit is included in the Mind Shield low-cost $50 annual membership.

Why Choose Mind Shield Virtual P2P Support?

1. Supporting First Responders: Our virtual P2P support is scheduled based on our Peer Support team's availability, ensuring support for first responders seeking to share and process their experiences with someone who understands virtually in a safe space. Whether it's about a stressful call, financial concerns, relationship struggles, the stress of the job, substance abuse, or life after service, we hear you, see you, and stand by to help our Mind Shield Members.

2. Supporting Families of First Responders: If you're the spouse, significant other, or immediate family member of a First Responder and struggling to find help, our Peer Support team is here for you. We've been through it all—from anger, substance abuse, infidelity, marital or relationship issues, parenting, and more. Let our team of trained professionals guide you and provide a safe space to seek information while offering support. You are not alone!

3. Reducing PTSS Instances: Studies have shown that debriefing and processing tough calls can significantly reduce the likelihood of post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) evolving into more severe conditions like PTSD/PTSI.

4. Trained Fellow First Responders: Our Community Team consists of trained fellow first responders with firsthand experience in the challenges of the profession. They are ready to provide empathetic support whenever it is needed.

Important Note: Mind Shield Virtual P2P Support is NOT a crisis hotline for those thinking of self-harm or having suicidal ideations. If you are in crisis or experiencing thoughts of self-harm, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 988.

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